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HEADLINE NEWS-02/07/2018

A Military Parade-Dirty Libs Crap Their Pants

This Deal Worries Me

Falcon Heavy-Spews Massive Amounts Of Pollutants In The Air

Biden Looks Like He Has Down Syndrome

Weird Story-But Amusing

Sad Story

Dems Love Illegals

The Guy Was An Adult For F’s Sake

Israel Is Always Doing This

The Second Memo Is Worse

So They Won Three Out Of Four-But Are In Trouble?

Texts Show That Obama Knew

Tool Schiff Gets Conned By Russians

If All Else Fails-Bribe

These Guys Man-I’m Telling Ya

Kelly Rightfully Calls Them Lazy If They Did’nt Sign Up

Why Did Anyone Think Dirty Libs Were Not Scum?

I Have No Doubt This Is True

Well I Would Hope So

Newt Nails This One


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