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Stocks Had Sell Off-Non Professionals Panic

Hang Em’ High

This Will Not Decide The Wall-This Is One Battle In A War

Russian Pilot Blows Himself Up To Not Be Captured By Syrian Rebels

I Thought It Was Because Of Obama

Dumb As A Box Of Rocks-And The Idiots That Cheer For Him-I Have Zero Respect For

New Hampshire Has BS Rules

Another Weird Law Where You Go To Jail For Questioning History-What Is Wrong With These Freaks?

Planets In Another Galaxy Spotted

When You Become So Full Of Yourself

Maldives Having Some Issues

NORK’s Are Months Away From Hitting US-Thanks China!

Pirates Release Crew From Oil Tanker

NFL Player Killed By Another Illegal

No One Ever Says-How Come The Czars Never Did Anything In The First Place

Unauthorized Fundraiser Suspended For Dad Attacking Larry Nasslar

BitCoin Falls As Big Gov Starts Hearings About Regulation

John Mahoney Dies At 77

Celebrity Worship Is A Bad Condition Of The Brain

Benching Butler-Sounds Like A Reality Show


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