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HEADLINE NEWS-01/05/2018

Is This A Serious Question?

Mercer Chooses Trump (Israel)

If This Was Obama You Would Say This Is The Greatest Job Report Ever-You Are Total Frauds

US Sanctions Iran

Iran’s Turn For Arab Spring

Lotto Fever Again

13 People Dead By Fire Started By Toddler

Iguanas Falling From The Skies

Looks Like Pakistan Is On The Table

Hot Air Balloon Crashes In Egypt

Trump Not Happy About Book

You Are Next George As The War On Men Continues

Number One-How Many Guys You Have Been With

Marijuana Stocks Down

I Tried To Buy Some Ripple-Never Use Gatehub-Total Scam

Coinbase F-d Ripple


Oregon People Are Weird

Pump ‘N’ Dump

Trump Will Be Working On This


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