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HEADLINE NEWS-01/02/2018

CNN Shills For Iran-21 Dead

NJ Teen Kills Parents And Sister

Global Warming Grips Most Of US In Chilling Cold

Colorado Suspect Was A Weird Guy

California Becomes Sanctuary State-Arrest Brown Now

Hillary Clinton Backer Paid $500K To Fund Women To Accuse Trump Of Sexual Misconduct-Lock Her Up

Why NK Got Nukes? Could It Be China Helped?

Israel Changes Law About Ceding Jerusalem

Prank Sign Speaks The Truth

Baltimore Breaks Killing Records For 2017

Well At Least You Can Get High In Cali To Deal With Their Crap

BP Takes $1.5 Billion Charge For 4th Quarter

Carrie Underwood Takes A Fall And Needs 40 Stitches In Face

Hoda Replaces Matt Lauer

Georgia Defeats Oklahoma In Epic Rose Bowl Game

The Baker Mayfield Story?

Evidence That Super Black Holes Control Star Development

Cracking Down On Pill Pushing Doctors

Chocolate Going Extinct

Keto Diet Convert-It Works


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