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HEADLINE NEWS-12/21/2017

Media Admits Trump Having Good Year

Shut Up Warner

Minnesota College Trying To “Ban” Holiday Cheer-Not Inclusive (Is This Because There Are A Lot Of Muslims In Minnesota)

NASCAR Owner Shoots At Three Intruders-Thanks 2nd Amendment

White Supremacist Trump Commutes Jewish Guy’s Sentence

Joe Manchin Cannot Explain His Opposition To Tax Bill-Other Than Trump Likes It

Either Australians Are Really Dumb Or They Are Really Stupid-No Evidence It Was Terror Related?

Erdogan Is Playing A Dangerous Game

WaPoo Stupidly Gloating Over The Removal Of History

Atlanta Mayoral Race The Ugly, The Uglier, and The Ugliest

Linda Sarsour Is Kind Of A Nut Case

Trump “Hits” Media On Their Negative Coverage Of The Tax Bill

Prosecutors Have Asked FBI For Info On Uranium One

How To Help Victims Of Thomas Fire

Tax Law And Stocks

Boeing, Bombardier, US, and Canada Trade Wars

The Greatest Showman Review

Gary Goddard Is A Bad Man Apparently

The Winter Solstice

Salads Are Good


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