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HEADLINE NEWS-12/19/2017

 3 Killed In Amtrak Accident

Amtrak Train Traveling 80 MPH In A 30 MPH Zone

Trump’s National Security Remarks

Investigating Stein? This Is Absurd Now

North Korea Responsible For WannaCry Cyber Attack

Trump Team Meeting With Mueller-WaPoo Hyping It Up

Star Wars Review-I Don’t Think I Am Going To See It

Hyperloop One-Virgin Now Owns It

Apple Stock Downgraded

Do You Need A Tampon Marlow?

Falcons Beat Bucks

Life On Earth 3.5 Billion Years Ago

French Are Fighting Back Against The Take Over Of Their Language By SJW

FDA Getting Aggressive For Big Pharma

Fighting Off Dementia

The Left Cares About Spending Now? What A Freaking Joke

Bitcoin Energy Hogging

Fear Mongering In Cali

China Is The Greatest Scammer Of All Time

Net Neutrality Again


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