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HEADLINE NEWS-12/13/2017

This Will Be The Tactic From Now On-Just Accuse Your Opponent Of Sex Crimes

Just Accuse People Of Sex Crimes-Works Every Time Now

Lots Of Search Warrant Requests-But Zero Answers

Wait I Thought Voter ID Laws Were Stopping Blacks From Voting…

Japan Wants US To Pressure NK

Erdogan Is Not Being Helpful-Distracting From His Own Problems

Who Is Bringing This Up Again Exactly?

So It Is About Women Right, Or Is It About Political Power?

Men Charged With Animal Cruelty

Homeless Camp Sparked Bel-Air Fire

Dennis Hasert Looks So Old

5-8 Inches Of Snow In Detroit

Already Trying To Shore Up Yellan’s “Legacy”

Apple To Invest $390 Million In Us Made i-Phone Lasers

Net Neutrality Explained

Ball Played Well-News At 11

Don’t Do It Aaron-Get Totally Healed

Rock In Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

Voice Of The Smithereens Dies At 62

Restaurant Owners Now


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