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HEADLINE NEWS-12/12/2017

Another Illegal Alien-Another Crime

Arrest In Decades Old Case

Ed Lee Dead

New York Explosion From Muslim

NFL In Trouble Again

San Fran Struggling With Pot Rules

Told You So-This Was All An Effort To Get Trump-Period

This Was Completely Predictable-Now That The Russia Thing Has Blown Up In The Swamp’s Face

Russia Keeping Base In Syria

McCabe To Reschedule

Fake News Upset At Being Called Fake News

Israeli Orthodox Leader Dead At 104-That Is A Long Life

Bracing For A Pipeline Shutdown

Daredevil Falls To Death From Building

Sex Addicts Are Nuts

Patriots Owned By The Dolphins

Trump Wants Us To Go Back To The Moon

Gay Protein

Weight Loss Struggles

Digital Coins Are Up


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