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HEADLINE NEWS-11/30/2017

Delete This May

He Went To Jared’s

Lauer Is Done

The Proof Of Lauer Was From 2014-So Why Now-Was This Blackmail Gone Bad? Something Stinks Here

How Droll

Has Not Every Idiot Running Around This Planet Now Forgotten History?

You Know What Else Fits A Pattern-Muslim’s Behaving Badly

Mueller Not Going Away Apparently

If You Really Have To Ask This BBC You Have Lost The Plot

Sexual Misconduct may Roil 2018 Elections-Hmmm…But Who Will Benefit?

I Hope Thailand Beats Them With Sticks

This Guy Is A Straight Up Liar

He Must Be Really Spun On Her-She Has A Lot Of Baggage

Cliven Staying In Jail

Randi Is Upset

NK Has A New Missile

Army Veteran Accuses Franken Of Groping Her As Well

This Is Probably True

Trump Derange Syndrome

Everything Is A Scam


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