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HEADLINE NEWS-11/28/2017

Yes, There Is A Santa Claus

Media Taking A Beating Like They Should

Is This The Swamp Fighting Against Moore-Even More?

Interesting-More University Censorship

CEO Whining

Ghost Ships

Project Veritas

Ireland’s Deputy PM Resigns

Who Could Of Ever Guessed This Was Coming…

Now You Know Why All The Sexual Harassment Claims-Full Coverage

Full Nut Case Warren

There Are A Lot Of These Lately

Russian Jet Buzzes Navy Spy Plane

Indians Are Just As Nuts As Any Other Nuts Out There

Hybrid-Electric Planes

Arby’s Buying Buffalo Wings

Notice Only WaPoo Is Offended-Not The Navajo

Piven Show Being Canceled

I Think Trump Will Prevail Here

This Last Cyber Monday Was Largest Day Ever


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