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HEADLINE NEWS-11/16/2017

More Traitors-Drain The Swamp

Bitter Hillary-I Like That

Twitter Targets “White Nationalists” In “De-Verification” Purge-Is It Becoming Absurd Yet?

Lost Explorer Found?

Mob Rule

What An Asshole

Manson On The Way Out?

Lock Her Up

The Idiot’s Guide To Idiots

Tesla Big Rig

This Will Be A Busy Holiday Season

Lil Peep Overdoses On Tour Bus-Only 21

Da Vinci Painting Sells For $450 Million-Insane

Trump Helps The Basketball Team

Detective Shot In The Head

NASA Fake News

Meteor Over Phoenix

Attempts To Cure Disease By Rewriting The DNA Code

Madagascar Has Massive Plague Outbreak

Justice League Probably Stinks


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