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HEADLINE NEWS-11/15/2017

Another Asshole Shoots Some People

If There Are Any White People Left In Zimbabwe-Get Out Now

Do you Believe WaPoo

China Sending Top Envoy To NK After Trump Visit

Sessions Finally Doing Something

Sadly A Rather Small Group

Shut Up Brooks

Everything Politico Does Not Like Is Always “Half-True”


Maybe It Was His Gay Lover You Dipshits

Another Planet We Can’t Get To Discovered

Shepard Smith Has Never Been What Portrays Himself To Be

WaPoo Now Saying Trump Has Ceded To China-They Cannot Get Anything Right

What Wall?

She Has Way To Many Dogs

Ex-Prison Guard Admits To Raping Inmates

This May Be The Most Absurd WaPoo Article Yet

F-Ing Blake

Justice League Looking Not Too Good

AHS: Cult Ought To Have Been Called AHS: Crap

Rose Has A Cocaine Problem I Guess-Gotta Hand It To TSA On That One-Let Her Get On Board With It And Everything


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