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HEADLINE NEWS-11/14/2017

Sessions To Be Questioned

Army Lowing Some Standards-Need To Lower Age Restrictions

New Moore Accuser’s Story Sounds Phony

Don Jr. Spoke To Assange Talking About Their Utter Contempt For Hillary

Salon Needs A Binky

Serial Killer In Tampa

WaPoo Cannot Let Go Of An Obvious Fraud

Venezuela In Selective Default

FDA Approves Trackable Pill

WaPoo And Their Ilk Will Never Admit That Trump Did Well In Asia

When It Comes To Politico Everything About GOP And Trump Is Half True

Crazy MF

Iron Maiden’s Singer Memoir

Really Grasping At Straws Here

SpaceX Board Member Out After “Harassment” Claims-See How This Is Starting To Play Out

Tesla Is Now A Hotbed Of Racism-See How This Works

New Spacecraft Design Makes Successful Landing

Oldest Wine Making Evidence -8,000 Years Ago

Gates Battling Dementia

Hijabs For Barbie


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