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HEADLINE NEWS-11/13/2017

I Am 100% Convinced The GOP Is Behind The Moore Issue

Architects Of Destruction Don’t Like Trump Liking Putin

Trump Wants Repeal Of Obamacare

SEALS Being Investigated For Green Beret Death


Smashing Coffee Machines For Hannity

Moore Threatens Legal Action Against WaPoo

Trump Asks Xi For Help With UCLA Players

Stocks Are Up And Down

No One Wants To Ever Admit They Were Scammed-Ever

BitCoin And BitCoin Cash Seem Somewhat Shady

Sad Story

No Scrabble For You

Sex Not Likely To Trigger Heart Attack

Dwarf Planet May Have Had Tiny Ocean

A Lord Of The Rings Show Coming

Aggressively White Taylor Swift On Tour-Unite Aryan Brothers

Genetic Cuck John Oliver Is A Tool

Fear Mongering For Science 


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