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HEADLINE NEWS-10/23/2017

The Demoncrats Are The Lowest Form Of Life

F-ing Moron Gets His Adopted Daughter Killed

This One Actually Sounds Fishy

This One Is On Obama-No Doubt About It

If Anyone Had Any Doubt That Snopes Is A Left Wing Front-Here You Go-MIXTURE?

I Would Like To Hear The Whole Conversation

The Left Is The Lowest Form Of Life

Russia And Putin Are The Bad Guys

McCain Has Gone Completely Insane-Is Not Fit For Any Office-Never Was

I Doubt Bergdahl Will Get Life In Prison-I Am Thinking No More Than Ten-Out In Five

The Real Reason For The Layoffs At Tesla?

Patriots Looking Good

Air Force Preparing B-52 Bombers For 24 Hour Alert Status

They Don’t Know Half Of What They Claim

Moon Tunnels

Salmonella Outbreak In Louisiana

Interesting Point Of View On Bitcoin

Next On The List Of American Institutions-Wall Street

Oil Prices Flux

Netflix Has An Interesting Business Model


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