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HEADLINE NEW-10/19/2017

More Free Publicity For Richard

Taliban Surging Again

The News Not Covering Hillary’s Russia Deal-I Am Shocked

This Will Really Help The Health Insurance Companies Cause

File Under The WTF Category

Hep A Death Toll Hits 19

Black Privilege

Is This The Route You Really Want To Take LSM?


Hilarious That New York Times Is Criticizing GOP For Not Getting Things Done That The Times Does Not Want To Have Happen

Putin’s Take On NK

Netflix Punisher-What An Original Idea-Punisher

Diversity Means Non-White Male

Chelsea Is A Victim Of Her Big Dumb Mouth

Playboy Is Done

Amazon Moving To Your City Will Raise Your Rents-Happy?

There Are Only 3 CEOs That Are Black-Only On The Fortune 500

Tezos In Trouble?

4th Time The Charm-Weird System We Have

I Thought It Was All Mellow Now Myanmar


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