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HEADLINE NEWS-10/13/2017

Trump Trying To End Subsidies To ObamaCare

Phony Europeans Just Want Iran’s Oil

Rose Accuses Harvey Of Rape

Europeans, Canadians, And Other Socialists All Seem Really Gullible To Good Looks 

Incredible Damage From The Wildfires

There Is A Lot More To This Story-Government Needs To Watch These Two Carefully

12 Day Jeopardy Winner Loses By $51 Bucks

Las Vegas Security Guard Disappears Before Interview-Something Is Seriously Wrong

Elephants Are Cool

Only Two Chicks Survive This Breeding Season In East Antarctica

Man Cellphones Malfunctioning Calls 911 A Bunch Of Times-He Is Arrested For A FELONY!

Commander Of US Forces Says Taliban Cannot Win

We Withdraw From UNESCO For Israel

Feral Sub Human Kills Three Adults And A Little Boy-Cops Will Hopefully Just Shoot Him

Cuban Sonic Weapons?

Guards Killed In Attempted Prison Break

Parking Tickets Bankrupts Woman

The Rich Make Money Even When They Are In Prison

Roger Goodell’s Wife Was Using Fake Twitter Account To Say Good Things About Him

Seger Has New Album


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