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HEADLINE NEWS-10/12/2017

Wildfires Continue To Burn In Northern California-23 Dead

Weird British Chick Converted ISIS Member Killed

Rose McGowan’s Twitter Account Suspended

Glamour Shots Of The “Far-Right” Guys In Austria

Christian Group Banned Because They Might Alienate Others-What A Load Of Crap 

Harvey Was All In All The Time

The Press Is So Gullible-It Really Is Sad

The BOY Scouts Have Caved In-Really Sad

Is This The Understatement Of The Year

First Of The Frivolous Lawsuits Starting

Can’t Decide If Bitcoin Is The Digital Tulip

Southwest Airlines Will Soon Be Flying To Hawaii

Facebook Announces A $200 VR Headset-That Looks Ridiculous On Your Head

Judges Are Starting To Become The Lowest Forms Of Life

Mountain Climber Kills Himself After Girlfriend Dies In Avalanche

The Grievance Industry-Another Example

Another Idiot

Big Hole In The Ice

How Much Pollution Are You Putting Out Mr. Musk?

That Is One Hell Of A Pussy


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