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HEADLINE NEWS-10/11/2017

Massive Wildfires Burning In Northern California

Lohan Defends Harvey

Emienm Is A Worthless Tool Of The Left-He’s Always Been That

At Least 17 Killed In Wildfires In Cali

Navy Fires Officers For USS McCain Crash

More Top Secret Leaks-Where Is Sessions?

Really Bezos’s Blog-Really?

Slim’s Blog Becoming More Unhinged By The Day-Sad

Not Innocent Black Guy Is Charged For Participating In Riots-Libtards Go Nuts

Stupid Idiots With Their Stupid Soda Tax

Did You Know That This Happened

Feral Sub Human Needs To Be Put Down

Here Is What The Left Rallies For-They Are The Lowest Forms Of Life

Mandalay Bay Covering The Ass-This Whole Thing Stinks-Something Is Very Wrong

No Oscars For You Harvey

Failure Is Not Option For Repubs On Taxes Paper Of Record Says

Delta Looking Good

Google’s AI Is Out Thinking Apple’s

Local Sports Union Filing Complaint Against Jerry Jones-Jerry Fire Them All-There Are A Ton Of People Who Would Trade In A Second

Missing Matter Solved


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