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HEADLINE NEWS-10/10/2017

Texas Tech Student Kills Police Officer

FBI Says Black Extremists Now A Problem

California Burns-Most Mismanaged State To Ever Exist

NK Hacking Our Computers

More Anti-White Propaganda In Schools

This is incredible Information About The Shooter In Vegas

More Trump Bashing From Bezos’s Blog-There’s A Shocker

Corker Is A Liar

Authorities Baffled By Gunman

Slim’s Blog Is So Unhinged

They Cannot Simply Accept That They Lost-That No One Likes Them

Zuckerberg Is Funny

This Means She Accepts That He Bangs Chicks On The Road

New Star Wars Movie Trailer

Blade Runner Review

Walmart Going After Amazon

BAE To Cut 2000 Jobs

Northrop Grumman Stock Analysis

American Airlines Plane Catches Fire

New Dune Movie?


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