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HEADLINE NEWS-10/09/2017

Trump Going Rogue

Trump Feuding With Corker

Las Vegas Gunman’s Note Had Calculations For Wind, Trajectory, And Distance

Trump Going Hard On Dreamers

Slims Blog Whining About Columbus Day

More Columbus Day Whining

Cops Shoot Guy In Utah-DA Will Not Prosecute

Tax Stuff

SNL Cuts Harvey Jokes

James Woods Not Retiring

Large Wildfires In Northern California

Feral Sub-Humans Punch 70 Yr Old Woman In Face

Insanity Is Starting To Take A Deep Hold In America

Weinstein Paying Off Women For Decades

Soap Ads Are Now Racist

Blade Runner 2049

SpaceX Launches This Week

Microsoft Not Continuing With Mobile Phone

Neanderthal DNA Affects US

Wynn Says That Paddock’s Actions Would Have Triggered Security Measures


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