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HEADLINE NEWS-10/04/2017

Trying To Say The Shooter Was Slowly Going Insane

Spinning A Fake News Narrative

I Completely Do Not Buy The Girlfriend’s Story

More Girlfriend Details

Gunlaw Grades-Interesting To See A Correlation Between The Grade And Number Of Deaths

Anything To Bash Trump

The Media Must Be Put Down

The Stories Are Not Adding Up

Gun Control Propaganda

Trying To Divide Tillerson And Trump

Europe Is With Iran-Probably For Oil

Trying To Separate Trump From His Sectary Of Defense-The Media Must Be Put Down

The Media Must Be Put Down

The Mayor Of San Juan Is A Liar

Russia Does Not Think Strike Against NK Will Succeed

More Gun Control Propaganda

National Taco Day-Getting Tired Of All These National Day’s Crap

More Gun Control Propaganda

How To Deal With Warren-Just Bribe Her Like Every Other Politician

Dollar Slips


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