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HEADLINE NEWS-10/03/2017

The Victims

Investigators Struggle To Find Motive-They Are In Denial

Bezos’s Blog And Their Propaganda Are Disgusting Pieces Of Crap

The Left Are Trying To Divert Attention From The Vegas Shooting Because They Know This Guy Was One Of Them

Tom Petty Dead At 66

Holder Crying About Unfair Everything Is To Dems

Bitch CBS VP Fired For Celebrating Vegas Deaths

Kimmel Is A Complete Tool-This Is To Distract What Everyone Knows-Shooter Was A Left Winger Targeting Trump Supporters

What Is The Point Of This Article Politico?

Devos Needs Massive Security In The Age Of Trump

Trump May Change Welfare

Another Tom Petty Article

Unbelievable Trump Bashing

SCOTUS To Look At Gerrymandering Case

Noble Prize For Physics

It’s Come To This

Interesting Article

Ripping That Dan Douchbag Guy From Instagram

Gun Control Propaganda-Complete Distraction

Wall Street Needs A Sell Off


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