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HEADLINE NEWS-09/25/2017

Douchebag Steelers Coach Complaining About Former Ranger Player

Mass Shooting By Sudanese Illegal Alien

I’m Glad Trump Is Calling Out These Douchebags

The Picture In This Article-The Protest Sign Is In English-That Means Its A Fraud0-Germany Election

Its Hard To Feel Sorry For The Germans If They Are Going To Keep Electing Idiot Merkel

This Is A Great Example Of Over Reaching Massive Government Regulation

Left Wing Lunatics Are Obsessed With Race

McCain Whining About Trump

Iraqi Kurds Vote For Independence

Who Built The Pyramids And Who Cares?

A Tale Of Two Idiot GOP Women

Cowboy’s Owner’s View On It All

Weird Rally In Berkeley By Milo

Murdered Model Was Scalped And Drained Of Blood?

Bloody Awful Kingsman Movie Leads Box Office

Pharrell Has Become An Idiot

Blazing Saddles Would Never Be Made Today

NK Propaganda Video Shows Them Blowing Up Aircraft Carrier

GE Off-Loading It’s Industrial Business

Germans Not Happy About Election


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