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HEADLINE NEWS-09/18/2017

Disgusting Trump Bashing At Emmys

Steyn On Emmys

Bankrupting Flynn And Others-Because There Is Nothing There-And They Won’t Roll Over

Hurricane Maria Heading Toward Puerto Rico

Bezos’ Blog Prefers To Back NK Over USA-Should Tell You Something

80 Arrested In Looting In St. Louis

Report Says Trump Should Shrink Four National Monuments

Insane “Transgender” Is Shot By Police

Rolling Stone Magazine For Sale

Northrop Grumman Is Buying ATK Orbital For $9 Billion

Stock Markets Again At Record High Openings

Starnes On The Emmys

Emmy Wins

Emmy’s Low Ratings Continue

Bizarre Kevin Hart Saga

Packers Fall To Falcons

Mars Crew Emerges From 8 Months Of Isolation

Moron At Slim’s Blog Bashing Trump Over Kid Wanting To Mow White House Lawn

Its National Cheeseburger Day

Inside BitCoin


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