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HEADLINE NEWS-09/05/2017

NK Is The Craziest MF Out There Right Now

Trump Ending Unconstitutional DACA Program With Unconstitutional 6 Month Delay

Couple Flies 8,000 Miles From India To Beat Son’s Wife

Putin Laying It Out

Putin: NK Sanctions Useless-I Think Because All Sanctions Are Useless

New Weather Channel CNN: Irma Now A Cat 5 Hurricane

Complete Nut Case Trying Novel Defense

Trump And Turkey Neck Together On Fed Judges Picks

Syrian Troops And Allies-Break ISIS Siege

GOP Divided On DACA

Weird Beyonce Crap

Jennifer Lawrence In Mother

Lego Cutting 1400 Staff Members-That Is A Lot

New York Daily News Sold To LA Times-Chicago Tribune Group-I am Sure They Will Be Less Liberal Now-HAHAHAHA

Stock Futures Down As NK Nukes Us All?

Patriots Are Looking Good Going Into The Season

Connor Partying Hard After Fight Winnings

iPhone 8 Hype Not Getting Through

Massive Black Hole Discovered In Center Of Milky Way

40 Years In Space For Voyager


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