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HEADLINE NEWS-08/31/2017

Explosions and Black Smoke At Chemical Plant

Even The Huffington Puffington Post Thinks Google’s A Monopoly

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Sanctuary City Law

Antifa Attacking Normal Trump Voters

Interim Police Chief Resigns From Ties To “Neo-Nazis”

Clearly Being Sarcastic Is Now Also Not Allowed Speech

In This Case Maybe The Muslims Were On To Something

Trump Bashing By Bezos’s Blog-Must Be A Day That Ends In “Y”

Tragic Shooting Of Cops In Sacramento

US, Japan, And South Korea War Games

19 Dead As Building Collapses In India

Don’t A Lot Of Actors And Actresses Change Their Name To Something Better?

U2’s New Song

Macron Surprisingly To Go After France’s Absurd Labor Laws

Five Cleared In Bhutto’s Murder

Amazon Survey Finds 381 New Species

No Decisive Progress On Brexit

They Got Nothing-Mueller Ain’t Got Nothing

Kelly Anne Says Americans Want A Tax Cut-I do

Flyover Revels Harvey Destruction

Texas Accepts Mexico’s Offer For Flood Aid-Not Sure If That Was Wise-It Was Polite-But Not Wise


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