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HEADLINE NEWS-08/24/2017

Trump Blames Ryan For Budget Mess-Debt Ceiling

Trump Admin Threatens To Travel Ban Those Country’s That Won’t Take Back Deportees

10 New Cases Of TB At Texas High School-WALL NOW!

13 Year Old Caught Driving With 25 POUNDS Of Meth-WALL NOW!

Dumb Bitch Kills Her Daughter By Leaving Her In Hot Car

Unprecedented Amount Of Coverage For This Guy

Trump Admin To Issue Tranny Rules

Splits First Time Hurts-Then You Can Always Do It

Qatar Says F You

Racial Propaganda-Maybe There Just Aren’t That Many Whites Killing Blacks-Duh

Left Wing Racist Mother Jones Think “Minorities” Are Too Stupid To Get An ID

Left Wing Obama Appointee Does Not Disappoint

Smearing The Trump Black Supporter

Smearing The Trump Black Supporter

Power Grid Study

Sadly Sears Is Closing Another 28 Stores

Central Bankers To Party In Jackson Hole

30 Year Fixed Mortgage At Lowest Level In Months

US Labor Looks Good Right Now

Bob Seger The Last Act At The Palace Of Auburn Hills

Astronomers Capture Best Image Of Alien Sun

Gravitational Waves

Cyborg Bacteria

Brazil Opens Amazon Preserve For Mining-Probably Not Good

More On The Fight

There Are “Fascists” Everywhere Apparently

White House Redecorated After Obama’s Nasty Layout

Weird Story-Russian Sudan Ambassador Found Dead

Car “Rams” Into Protesters-Get Out Of The Road Assholes!

Overreact Much?


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