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HEADLINE NEWS-08/23/2017

Trump Demands Border Wall-We All Do

Trump Willing To Close Government For Wall-Amen

Trump Calls Out Congress For Their Crap

ESPN Goes Full Libtard

This Is England Now-Do You Like It?

The Neo-Nazis Are Coming! The Neo-Nazis Are Coming! Mass Hysteria! Mass Hysteria!

Rapin’ Bill’s Wife Calling Trump A “Creep” Is Just Too Rich

Powerball Mania!-I Bought A Ticket

Jared Going To Egypt

China Demands End To Sanctions On NK-Will Stop Making Trump Ties If US Does Not Comply

Douchebag “Science Envoy”

Undercover Agitator Cantwell To Turn Himself In

Dally Caller Says Barron Should Dress Nicer On Air Force One

New Homes Sales Tank In July

Trump Hotel Given Tax Rebate

Yemen Needs Help-But We Are “Buddies” With The F-ing Saudis-Totally Sucks

State Department Issues Travel Warning For Mexico-Again

Largest Ad Company Facing Woes

Is Elon Musk The World’s Greatest Con Man?

Wal-Mart And Google Team Up To Go After Amazon

Weird Taylor Swift Snake References And Changing Her Image-Been Co-Opt By Lucifer Or What?

This Is Actually True News From Bezos’s Blog

Joker Origin Movie In The Works

Mark Wahlberg Highest Paid Actor

Orion Flight Crew Module Fired Up For First Time

Navy 7th Fleet Commander Dismissed

Turkey Neck Needs To Wonder If He Can Save The Senate

Jury Again Sides With Bundy Guys-Judge Is Completely At Fault With Her Weird Rulings

Wall Street Not Loving A Big Gov Shutdown-It Is Because They Are Way To Intertwined

Largest Ever Development Project From Harley



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