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HEADLINE NEWS-08/22/2017

See Everybody Loves You Now Trump

They Love You Now-Everybody Loves War-Especially When They Can Blame It On You

They Love Ya

This Is News?

Seriously If You Don’t Like It Here-GTFO!

Here Is How We Fix Social Security-MORE TAXES!-LESS BENEFITS!-OLDER RETIREMENT!-Does’nt That Sound So Exciting?

Trump Rally-Be Careful If You Go

Nikki Had Personal Talk With Trump About It All

Nikki Haley Puff Piece

Charlotteville’s City Council Meeting

Navy Says No Sabotage In Collision

Flag Hung Upside Down At A School

See All We Need Is Tax Cuts-Everything Will Be Fine After That

India Stops The Instant Divorce

Remains Found In Navy Crash

Stranger Things Get Third Season

Trump Admin Not Helping Coal With This One-Is This Ivanka

IBM Forges Blockchain Collab With Nestle And Walmart

Great Wall Watching Fiat

European Markets Up-War Is Good

The Eclipse

Snow On Mars

Trump Should Pardon Joe

DNC Can’t Raise Money

Cosby’s Retrial

Barcelona Part Of Bigger Plot-No Shit-The Whole Damn Religion Is Part Of The Plot

See They Love You Now

They Are All Behind You Now

World Reacts

This Was Under The Radar-New Sanctions On China And Russia



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