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Monologue:  Punching Right

Last Week I mentioned both Mike Cernovich and John and Ken at 640 KFI as good information for those on the right, new right, alt-lite, conservative, whatever; about some of the topics I was talking about. I was praising them for the good work they do or the information they turned me onto. Some have been asking me “Hey Ronnie Evil-why do you throw out other people’s names-why are you trying to give them more publicity and not yourself publicity?” “There are others in this industry that always praise themselves first-send people to their websites not other’s people’s websites?” “Why are you doing that?” “Don’t All Clicks Matter?” “Why don’t you put them down and tell others how much smarter you are, or only how you have all the answers?” These are fair questions. These are good questions. The answer to me is simple. I do not punch right. Let me say it again-I do not punch right.

Before I explain-we need to understand something about the nature of everything. For the people that are successful in any market-that is their livelihood. That is how they make money, a living. Most worked hard to get there and the bottom line is that there are competitors everywhere in any market-There are always competitors that wants a piece of the action. I get it.

This why you will often here people on the right bashing other people on the right. Or, they never mention each other at all. Why? It is all about market share. The right leaning market-while currently growing-is a finite market-at even finite time zones; that they have a share of. They are making good money and they are not going to give that up. You never hear Toyota advertising a Ford F-150-it just does not happen even though they are both trucks. Why? They are competitors trying to get their share of the market.

My beliefs are different-sure I would like to make money someday doing this-but that is not why I am doing this. I believe that this about something more than just money. I’m not putting anyone down for making money off of blogging, writing, podcasting, or whatever. I want that too. That would be great. But, this is not only about money. This is about our home. This is about our country. In the end this about the soul of our nation. My personal belief is that those on the left and the globalist left are fighting for the soul of this country-in the worst possible way.

I’m not going to deny that there are some extreme people on the so-called “far right,” they are there. But what I also know as the absolute truth that there are even worst on the edges of left wing lunacy. Those who would control every aspect of our lives from the time they allow us to be born-until the time they say we are too old to live any longer. Make no mistake-this is the absolute power that they want. If the lunatic had their way they would put us all in the grave. Make no mistake.

We are war. Make no mistake about that. So far this is not a shooting war-but this a war. A war for our prosperity; a war for our freedoms; a war for our thoughts; and to steal a line: A spiritual War. A war for not only our nation’s soul-but ours as well.

There are others that someday may bash me that are on the right-but I won’t. I will not sell out those who are my allies in this Spiritual War. I may not always agree with them-but I will not punch at them. There literally millions of leftist ready to do that. I will not sell them out-I will not punch right.

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