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Monologue: Swamp Strikes Back

Ep. 118 The swamp Strikes Back. It is incredible what is happening. We are in the process of witnessing a soft coup against Trump. Why? Because he wants to truly make things better in government. Not for the globalists, not for the swamp creatures, not for the left wing media chattering class and their left wing lunatic base, not for illegal aliens, not for gang members, not for hard core druggies and their dealers, not for illegal gun violators, and not for the elected “congress.”

No, he is trying to make things better for YOU! The average citizen, the average tax payer. The people that get up and make this country what it has been, what it is, and what it will become-the place of envy for the whole world. The place that the whole world aspires to get to, to become-whether they want to admit it or not, and the place where all innovations in technology, manufacturing, medicine, and science happen. The lunatic left and their media mouthpieces hate what we have been-everything from the beginning until yesterday. The globalist hate where we are now-trying to break free of their cult of death, spreading “democracy” through bombing. Not on board with their looting of our nation’s resources: both capital and people. Not engaged with them to commit endless wars for endless reasons-with only one goal in their minds-ultimate unlimited power.

They both, hate what we might become: a nation that is independent of other nations in terms of both strength and finances. Free from unfettered immigration to dilute any identity and cohesion we might have, and free from sowing the discord of racial hatred and work toward common goals of peace and prosperity. These are the things they hate-these are the things they cannot stand to have happen.

Look around, look at any website, or any newspaper, or any think tank, or any media outlet owned or controlled by the globalist left. It is nothing but bash America, bash our President, bash the voters that voted for him, censorship of those that oppose them, the racial strife they are encouraging, the scourge of the drugs, the illegal aliens that have let in, politicians they have bribed to be their mouthpieces, the criminal “free trade” agreements that have lead our nation down the spiral path. They are working tirelessly to achieve their ends: the end of America as a great nation, with strong leadership, and a bright future as the leading nation in the world.

Do not fall for their trickery, do not fall for their lies, do not fall for their propaganda, do not fall.

Stand strong out there-together: for only divided we fall.

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