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HEADLINE NEWS-08/10/2017

Japan Ready To Defend Guam

Nevada GOP Senator Needs To Go

Lunatic Left At It Again

NK ready to commit suicide by mid-August

Deep Inside Web-CAM Industry

Manafort’s Home Ransacked For Mueller Nazis

Politifact Giving Aid And Comfort To The Enemies Of The United States

LA Times Giving Aid And Comfort To The Enemies Of The United States

Making It Look Like Russia Is Spying On US From Plane-Fine Print Says Long Standing Routine

Guam’s Governor Likes Trumps Words

The Mooch Trusted The Enemy

Bezos’s Blog Don’t Stop

Can Congress Stop Trump From Executing His Military Authority-This Is Dangerous Sedition Talk

US Warships Sails (sic) Close To China Held Island

Never Apologize-Your Enemies Don’t Forgive You And Want You Dead-So F#$%! Them

Stupid F!@#^& Joshua Malina

Chris Pratt Ending His Marriage

Fired Google Engineer Company Smeared Him

Google Facing 60 Woman Lawsuit-Idiots Let The Wolves In The Door

Jennifer Lawrence And Movie Passengers Victims Of SJW-How Do You Like It Jen?

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Calling Off Divorce?

Con Artist Gore Back For The Sequel-Where You Been For The Last 8 Years?

DNA Analysis For Neanderthals

Cannibals Engraved Their Dinner Bones

Israel To Speed Up Tunnel Barrier

US Expels Two Cuban Diplomats

China Sends Hack Proof Signal

Good Weekend For Perseid Showers

Scientists Find More Planets

Grey Whale Swimming Near Shore



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