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HEADLINE NEWS-08/09/2017

North Korea Considering Suicide

Religion Of Peace Guy Wanted For Car Attack

Tillerson Echoes Trump’s Warning

Fat Carlos Slim Blog Making Up Fake News Again

Miller Hopefully Will Slow Down All Form’s Of Immigration

US Seeks Import Duties On Chinese Aluminum

Internal Messages Show Fellow Engineers Support The Google Guy-And A Hell Of A Lot More Privately Do To

Earthquake In China Kills 19

POS Mexican Government Dumping Toxic Waste Into TJ River-They Are Scum

AirBNB Can Eat A D$#%^!

No Baltimore Cannot Go 72 Hours Without A Murder

A$$hole Jogger Needs His A$$ Kicked

Idiot Artist Upset With Mean Tweets-Then Don’t Go On There

Trump Backs Strange For Alabama Senate Position

Mom 38 Sentenced For Having Sex With Teenage Boys

Google Facing Lawsuit For Gender Discrimination

Giant Croc Caught In Australia

Another Big Foot Sighting

Fired Google Employee To Sue-May Not Have A Case Sadly

Fear Mongering With Bezos’s Blog

Trump Just Won’t Declare Emergencies For Nothing-It Really Has To Be One

Idiot Day Care Driver Leaves Kid In Car And The Kid Dies

This Is Interesting

Absurd Editorial

Bezos’s Blog Propaganda

No One Feels Sorry For You Mitch

Its All Trump’s Fault All The Time-Politico Is So Lame

The Alt-Right Rally Was Never That Important-They Just Want To Same Courtesy As Everyone Else

3 Years Later After Fake News Of Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Far Sighted 1999 Trump Interview With Tim Russert



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