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HEADLINE NEWS-08/04/2017

Tragic Deaths Of Two Soldiers-What Are We Doing There

Well Its About Damn Time Jeff

Thanks Captain Obvious

Its Freaking Summer Time You Half-Wits

Continued Job Growth

Transphobic Talk? Thought Police Lena Dungham On The Case

This Is A Soft Coup Going On

Dumb Bitch With Serious Eyebrow Issue Gets 15 Months

The Left Just Simply Does Not Believe In Merit

News Flash Bezos’s Blog-The Government Of Mexico Does Not Want The Drugs Stopped

Fact Checking A Reproduced Unsubstantiated Transcript-Makes Perfect Sense

Navarro Needs To Stick In Wherever

Hollywood Completely Out Of Ideas

Hollywood Completely Out Of Ideas

Celebs Can Eat A D!!@@#$%!

Very Well Preserved Fossil

Hubble Detects Stratosphere On Huge Planet 

Trump In West Va. Gaining Converts

McMaster-Not The White House Is Purging

1 Million New Jobs In 6 Months

Another Sub-Human Being Sub-Human

There Is No Right To Serve In The Military

Pot Company Buys A Whole Town In Cali Desert

Government Gangsters At It Again

Amazon Is A Behemoth-I’ll Give Beszo That 

Sapporo Acquires Anchor Brewing

Stop Breaking The Law A$$Holes!

LA Gave $1.3 Billion In Handouts To Illegal Aliens

Suicide Rates Increasing Among Teenage Girls-To Much Instagram Etc.

Crap Theory-According To Libtard Dogma Men Have Always Been Sexist-Way Before Porn Was Big On The Scene



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