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HEADLINE NEWS-08/03/2017

Trump: Russia US Relations At Dangerous Low

Gay Professor And His Lover Kill Their Other Lover-Manhunt On For Pair From Chicago

Another Article US Russia Relations

2 Killed At Explosion At Minnesota School

Scaramucci Had A Good Plan

Trump Getting A Lot Of Judges Confirmed-Something Is Not Right With Them If 16 Dems Also Agree

North Korea Is Nuts

Swiss Courts-Not The Brightest Bulbs In The Bunch-Uphold Conviction Of A Man Doing-Not A Nazi Salute-But Something Similar In Front Of Jewish Temple-This Is A “Racial Crime”

Russian PM Says This Is A Full Scale Trade War

Banks Don’t Want To Do Business With Legal Pot Businesses

Wladimir Klitschko Retires From Boxing

Real Bad Decision By Police Guy In Louisiana

Illegal Firearms Crack Down From DOJ-Now You Would Think That Obama Would Have Had More Given The Libtards Of This World Position On Guns

Truly Strange WaPo Essentially Making Things Up-Then Analyzing What They Have Fabricated-Because At This Point-These Are Reproductions Of Alleged Transcripts-They Are Not Even The Actual Transcripts

Earthquakes In Oklahoma

Left Wing Hacks-Complete Hacks At Politifact

Fat Carlos Slim’s Blog In Full Conspiracy Theory Mode-It Is Insane How Insane They Are

Again All Completely Unknown Unconfirmed Leakers

Hideous Dumb Bitch To Be Sentenced In Encouraging Her Boyfriend’s Suicide

Insane Lunatics At The NAACP

Real Question-Why Is Left Wing Lunatic Newsweek Defending McMaster?

Jobs Are Being Created-But Reuters Acts Like We Are In A Depression

Us Factory Orders Biggest Gain In 8 Months

Taco Bell Only Grew 4% Instead of 5.9%

Dark Tower Is A Disaster-But Reviewer Praises The Elephant In The Room On Why Its A Disaster

Just A Good Ole’ Boy-Never Meaning No Harm-Been In Trouble With The Law Since The Day He Was Born

Chester Mural In Los Angeles

Video Of Great White Biting At The Camera

Sherman Unhappy With NFL Teams Not Signing Colin-Well Are Really Surprised? He Was Bashing The Country-Duh

Conor Spars Again



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