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HEADLINE NEWS-08/02/2017

Trump Under Enormous Pressure Agrees To Give Russia More Sanctions

Massive Premium Hikes=More Subsidies The Insurers Need-See How It Works Yet?

New Leaks-Just As Scaramucci Is Fired-He Was Going To Stop That

Ingraham Stating The Obvious

Sessions To Go After Leakers Finally-After Massive Damage Has Been Done

Complete Drivel And Frivolous Lawsuit

Republicans Clearly Bribed Or Blackmailed By Insurance Companies-Now Want To Save Obamacare Subsidies

NZ Woman Candidate For PM Is Angry Someone Asks Her If She Might Go On Maternity-When You Are PM It Is Not Just About YOURSELF You Dumb Twat

Obvious Undercover British Soldier And The Cover-Up Story-He Did Kill Himself Though-Not To Fall In ISIS Hands-Sad

Prince Phillip Retires At 96-The Royals Live A Long Time

US Tests ICBM Off California Coast

Macedonia And Greece Still Fighting It Out After Centuries

It Is About Damn Time-Trump And GOP To Limit LEGAL Immigration

Sub-Human DREAMER Rapes Woman In Washington-Execute Him

Black Lives Matter Shows Picture Of White Man-Claims It Is A Black Man Lynched-Force To Apologize

Shatner Taking A Shat All Over SJW’s

Trump Is Referring To What Obama Did To The Place-Duh

He Married A Winner

Kanye Files Lawsuit Over Concert Insurance-Now You Know Why He Pretended To Be Insane

Sessions Committed To Justice In Dealing With Police

NASA Overpaid Worthless Job Opening

Dow Hits 22000

Explosion At Minneapolis School

So Trump Can End The Bailouts To Congress-They Are Parsing The Word Bailout

Libtards Go Insane After DOJ Starts Referring To Illegal Aliens As Illegal Aliens

Women Survive In The White House

What We Do Know About The GOP Tax Plan-Nothing Will Happen Because They Are Useless POS

First Flower Is Only 140 Million Years Old

Yearly Meteor Shower Will Peak In August

Hollywood Et. Al. Going Into Full Race Hustler Mode



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