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HEADLINE NEWS-08/01/2017

Blabbermouth Schultz Has Some Explaining To Do

His Name Says It All

Government Gangsters At It Again-This Time Drug Makers Over Opioids-Something Stinks Here

Why You Need Foam In Your Beer

10 Scaramucci Quotes In 10 Days

Stop Getting Butt Implants Everyone-Be Happy With What You Have-Also Squats Work Best

Dow Pushing 22,000…

Texas Police Given Some ICE Powers

Bezos’s Blog Again Using Unnamed Sources-Making Wild Accusations-Making Things Completely Up As They Go Along

China Is Ready To Win Wars-Are We?

NK Wanting To Launch Missiles From Subs-Clearly China Is Helping Them Make These Missiles

Vanity Fair-Shut Up

Race Hustling Has Reached New Limits-With Black Women Equal Pay Day

Fat Ass Chicks Are Now Painting Their Stretch Marks And Calling Them Beautiful Art

Number One Reason To Lose Massive Money On Your Business-Massive Government Subsidies

Pfizer Loosing Some Money As Older Drugs Demand Falls-The Users Are Probably Dead

Tesla 3 Model And Reality

Sham Court Finds Sheriff Joe Guilty Of Protecting His Country-Judge Should Be Impeached Immediately

Texas Woman Shoots Home Invader

Bitching And Moaning About Scaramucci And His Swearing

HBO Gets Hacked GOT Plots Revealed

Sony Sets Up Record Profits

Under Armour Is Struggling Right Now

Bit Coin Splits In 2

This Is How Fake News Works-Bezos’s Blog Says It And The Rest Repeat It Over And Over-It Is All From One Unnamed Source

This Guy Should Be Shot-What A POS

Highest Calorie Dishes

This Is A Prime Example Of How Stupid Libtards Are: Pelosi Raises $25 Million

Global Climate Conspiracy Theorist At It Again

12 Year Old Who “Helped” To Kill His Friends Stepfather Released At 19



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