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I’m starting another periodic series of postings that I call All Clicks Matter where I want to highlight the worst examples of just doing something on the internet just so you can get clicks to your stinking website. That your blog, or website, or whatever it is you have got going is so void of any substance-that it is the only way for you to get clicks, and ad revenue for your crap site.

The other day I wrote about the death of Chester Bennington (here) and how his music affected me and so many others. It is what it is and that was that.

Then I saw last week that TMZ got a hold of the 911 phone call that Mr. Han placed about his dead friend. I won’t link to it-you will have to find it for yourself if you are so inclined.

I don’t know if TMZ pays for that or it is public record-personally I don’t really care. According to the description as Mr. Han was making the call and you could hear the housekeeper screaming/crying hysterically in the background talking I believe to his wife or possibly another 911 call. Truly makes me sick to have to think about.

You know his kids are likely to hear that tape-and what does it bring to this world to do something so degenerate? Besides the obvious of just bringing clicks to your website.

And that is all that matters in the end, right TMZ-All Clicks Matter-isn’t that right. Only clicks to your stinking website, and clicks on your stinking ads is the only thing that matters.

Does anyone at TMZ have a moral compass at all? I know Harvey “I’m a lawyer” Levin is a lawyer, so I do question whether he does have a moral compass at all (Was’nt he on the divorce court TV show years ago-another degenerate program).

I don’t think he is the owner though-does the owners of TMZ have a moral compass or is it just All Clicks Matter?

I know what some of you are thinking-what’s the big deal? Aren’t you Evil? You should be praising this. If that is what you really think about me-you have not been listening or reading.

We have all done questionable things in the past-but this bloodsucking off of other’s misery so that I can get fucking clicks to my website for fucking money ain’t what I, this website, my music, or my radio show is about.

Eventually, we all have to die-and face the music. TMZ and Harvey ought to pause one fucking second of their leech life and think about that for one second of one day. You don’t have to be a piece of crap to make money. You don’t have to be a piece of crap to make internet money (see here). This guy has made a good living inspiring people to achieve better things-not bloodsucking off the misery of others –ESPECIALLY FRIENDS CALLING 911 ABOUT THEIR DEAD FRIENDS-good fucking God TMZ-what the fuck is wrong with you? Full disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Victor Pride or his website other than I have enjoyed reading his website. I am not promoting him in any way except to make a point that you can make money online-without having to be a degenerate low life.

There are many other websites out there (That Worldstar Hip-Hop or whatever it is fucking called-and liveleaks are another two examples) where they are so void of anything other than shit-that is all they have to offer the world-shit. But hey man all clicks matter.

I know you need clicks to help to make money on the internet-I get it. But goddamn.

When these pop-up from time to time I’ll monitor them for you all. In the meantime.


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