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HEADLINE NEWS-07/31/2017

John Kelly Sworn In As Chief Of Staff-Libtards In Media Go Crazy-Their Leaker Source Is Gone

Russia Responds To Ridiculous Sanctions-Not Smart On Our Part

European Socialist Governments Can Never Get Enough Of Other People’s Earnings-Cristiano Ronaldo’s Turn

Pence Idiotically States That Russia Is Greatest Threat To Baltic States

Nashville Mayor’s Son Dead Of Overdose-Likely Opioids

Sanctions Don’t Hurt Putin At All

Tropical Storm In Florida-In Other News-Water Is Wet

Obamacare Engineered Disaster To Have Only ONE Insurer On The “Exchange” Next Year

NK Is Becoming Dangerous

12 Inmates Break Out Of Alabama Prison One Still On The Run-Note: One On The Run Is In Jail FOR POT!

Pelosi Is Such A Master Legislator-She Don’t Even Have To Read The Bills She Votes On-What An Idiot

Gun Battle At Iraqi Embassy In Kabul

Sam Shepard Dies At 73

Media Bashes Trump For Taking Out MS-13????!!!!?!?

More And More People Leaving Cali

Here Is Who Killed Hoffa

Blake Lively Is A Dumb As She Is Beautiful

J.K. Rowling Is An Idiot Who Got Rich Off Of Children’s Novels-She Is A Liar As Well

Debt Ceiling Deadline Rapidly Approaching-Again-They’ll Raise It-Again

Outer Banks Power Outages Could Last Weeks

Scumbag Media Just Won’t Let It Go About Scaramucci’s Wife Filing For Divorce

Prediction-“Pharma-bro” Is So Through

Tesla Shares Flat As New Model Rolls Out

Don’t Do It HBO-This Will Be A Bomb For You-Confederate Show Is Just Flat Out A Bad Idea

Cuck Idiot John Oliver Has Ground Breaking Expose That Infowars Sells Ads And Merchandise-What An F-Ing Fool

Jon Jones Wins UFC 214

HBO Hacked GOT Data Compromised

Technology Stocks Slide Further Down

US Hits VZ With More Sanctions

Taxpayers Should Not Have To Bail-Out Insurers



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