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HEADLINE NEWS-07/27/2017

Transgenders Are Scared Of Trump’s Ban On Transgenders

We Have High Taxes-And We Have The Highest Corporate Tax

Libtards Going Crazy Over Trumps Ban

Hey Let’s Go To The Fair-Not

Finland Deals With Russia Well-Lesson For All

Scaramucci Saying They Will Fire People For Leaks-I Think Reince Is Through

Travesty Of Justice Here Is You Ask Me

4 Yr Old Killed In Murder Suicide

Religion Of Peace At It Again

Why Do They Want Sessions So Bad?

Inmate Escapes Riker’s Island

Careful What You Wish For

GOP Is Through In 2018-They Can’t Even Do The ONE THING They Said They Would Do For The Last 8 Years

States With The Highest Prison Population

Trump Donates His Salary To Dept Of Ed This Quarter

Angelina Joile’s Life Now-

Don’t Do It Casey-This Is A Career Killer For YOU

Bieber Hits Photographer With Car While Leaving Church

Astronomers See Gamma Burst As Is Happens

Not Sure This Is Cool-Something Off About This-Gene Engineering

Foxconn To Build Plant In Wisconsin

Bloomberg Cannot Stop The Trump Bashing

ZBerg Wants More Money From Ads

AstraZeneca’s Cancer Drug Fails

People In Politics Are Not Used To Being Called Out

Bezos’s Blog-THERE IS NO BACKLASH-You Are Making It Up-You Are Fake News Propagandists

Massive Flooding In Kansas

Plane Kills 4 In Crash On Highway

Last Ditch Effort To Try And Take Trump Out

GOP Working On Border Wall-They Damn Well Better

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