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HEADLINE NEWS-07/26/2017

Senate Votes To Debate Obamacare Repeal

Senate Clears Hurdle

So The Senate Does Not Want YOU To Have Low Cost Health Insurance

Trumps Attacks Are Super Simple To Understand-Get Your Ass In Gear Sessions

Trumps Eyes Tax Code

Frank Sinatra’s Widow Dies At 90

DO NOT Take The Bart System

Lunatic Left Comparing Boy Scouts To Hitler Youth

Southern France Wild Fires

Tourist Falls To Death In Montana

Session To Probe Leaks-Well It Is About Time

Ford Profits Rise 4%

UFC 214 Fight Breakdown

Sperm Count Goes Significantly Down In Predominantly White Nations

NASA Engineers Test New Engine

Taliban Rout Afghan Fighters-What A Waste At This Point

Lana Del Rey May Not Have An Actual Brain

Time Is Key To Happiness

Do Anti-Depressants Lead To People Killing?-Is Water Wet?

Trying To Gin Up Interest In A Worthless Movie

Feds Arrest Schultz’s IT Guy

UK To BAN “Fossil Fuel” Cars By 2040

Thursday Is A Big Earnings Reporting Day

Boeing Raises Earnings Expectations

Humans Dragging Shark Through Water-Douchebag Alert

Ohio To Execute-Rightly-This Douchebag

Amazon I Think Needs To Be Broken Up

APA Says Not To Discuss Trump’s Mental Health

Dems Need To Go Away Already

Scaramucci Says He’ll Fire Everyone To Stop Leaks

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