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HEADLINE NEWS-07/25/2017

McConnell Could’nt Pin Down A Pin

Trump Rightly Questioning Why Sessions Is Not Going After Leakers And Hillary

Trump Needs To Dump Sessions

Unrelenting Trump Bashing By Bezos’s Blog-Day After Trump Questions His Monopoly Business

Bezos Is Controlling The Content Of His Blog-They Even Mention The Tax Question In The Story

Lara Has A Point

Syrian Rebels Are Rebelling Against Their Government And Have Killed Massive Amounts Of People

Trump V Bezos

Sub-Human Gets Life-To Serve A Min 18 Years-Definition Of Life In England Is Weird

Those Charlie Gard Doctors Need Their Asses Handed To Them

Sub-Human Religion Of Peace Scum Need To Be Shot Immediately

Super Weird Chainsaw Attacks By Crazed Sub-Human

Tillerson Might Be Leaving

How To Get Away With Murder

So-Trump Has Been Dealing With Russians For Year-And Even This Guy Admits Has Nothing To Do With Undermining “Democracy”

Tucker Thrashes Maxine Waters-She Really Needs To Go

Sub-Human Kills His Own Son-Bullet To The Head

Fake Signs Mocking Police-All Around Not Good-No Matter What Color The Person Shot Is

Michael Kors Buying Jimmy Choo

Boehner Says GOP Will Never Repeal Obamacare-They Are All Gutless Cowards

Cruz To Replace Sesssions? I Could Go For That

Rush Says Trump Should Not Criticize Sessions-I Disagree

Bieber Cancelling Tour-Burnt Out Probably

Unbelievable Media Scum Playing 911 Call For Chester-Housekeeper Heard Screaming-They Are Scum-They Have No Shame-ALL CLICKS MATTER Right-What A Bunch Of POS

Poor Daniel Craig-He Is Going To Get Even More Rich And More Famous For Playing Bond Again-Oh Drag Dude-Seriously Craig GFYS

Dow Futures Way Up

Crappy Food McDonald’s Earnings Higher Than Expected

Catepillar Profits Are Up-Don’t They Make Mining Equipment As Well?

Deutsche Bank Says Sell Under Armor Stock

Isn’t It Weird How Left Wing People Bash Mormon Polygamy-But Never Muslims


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