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HEADLINE NEWS-07/24/2017

Huge Waste Of Time With Kushner Testimony

Child Virtually Cured Of HIV After Contracting This At 9

Religion of Peace Bombs More People In Afghanistan

Religion Of Peace Bombs More People In Nigeria

Schumer On The Run Trying To Stop Trump Firing Mueller

Dumb Moronic Bitch Kills Her Sister While Driving

Dumb Bitch Kills Her Newborn Baby-Ever Heard Of Adoption Fucking Moron?

Texas’ Lieutenant Says Sanctuary Cities Encourage Human Smuggling-Seems Obvious To Me

9 Dead Being Smuggled Into The US

Jeff Bezos’s Blog Does’nt Like Humans Racing Animals-Goddam They Are Such Crybabies

Trump Expected To Support Russian Sanctions-He Should Not-He Should Veto It

Desperate City Dems Have Come Up With-“Better Deal” As Their Slogan-They Just Had 8 Years

USS Constitution Returns To The Sea

Windows 10 Making To Many Other Computers Obsolete

Scaramucci Takes Over As Communications Director -Should Be A Hell Of A Lot Better-More Personable-Media Savvy

Dunkirk Wins Box Office Weekend-Valerian Not Doing So Good

Avengers Infinity Movie Info

Three New Toad Species Discovered

Hospital Treating Charlie Gard Receiving Death Threats-Also, They Are Giving Death Threats To The Baby-Now The Shoe Is Other Foot-They’re Crying

Linkin Park Has Canceled Their Tour After Bennington’s Death-Sad To Say But I Think It Is Over For Them-There Is Not Linkin Park With Chester

Despicable Whining And Crying And Catering To Women

Chester And Best Friend Were Horribly Abused

Shameless Race Baiting By The Left In Hollywood-Disgusting

Saudis Are Always Manipulating Oil Prices

Everything Is Racist According To The Lunatic Left-Everything Is Racist

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled

Bezos’s Blog Thinks Everything Is A OK With Social Security-We Should Definitely Believe Them-They Are Trust Worthy

Motly FOOL Contradicts Itself In Their First Myth Number 1!-WTF

States Think-Key Word Is Think-This Might Fix Obamacare-I Thought Everything Was Fine And Rosy?

Fruits And Veggies Killing People-Vegans Beware

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