Chester Bennington Dead At 41

By Ronnie Evil

This will be both news and commentary

Chester Bennington died on 07/20/2017 according to multiple news sites and confirmed by the LA Medical Examiner according to Rolling Stone of an apparent suicide at the age of 41. This is another in a long line of well-known and well-loved artists that have died way too soon-either through suicide, accidents, or drug overdoses. He leaves behind 6 children and two wives-one current and one former-unfortunately they were not enough for him to go on living. Tragically, he died alone in his Palos Verdes Estates home.

At the time-Chester seemed to have everything to live for: beautiful wife, beautiful kids, money, fame, a successful career, and was about to start a world tour next week. It will never really be understandable why he did this-people will rack their brains trying to make sense of it; others will condemn him for leaving the kids, and still others will say whatever they are going to say. We will never know-ever.

Clearly traveling like that does not give you much time with your kids-and I can only speculate that this caused him some grief as well, and probably some tension. When you are in the music industry and are successful-you kind of don’t really own yourself-you are part of something bigger, and that can leave a lot of pressure on relationships and families. For some, that is not a problem-but you combine that with the abuse, the drugs, and the depression; combine that with a lot of people in the music industry that are somewhat shady-it can be a lethal combination.

Chester was horribly abused as a child-it is chilling to think about the kind of abuse he and way, way, too many other children go through in this world-personally I wish I knew who the scumbag was-use your imagination. This kind of abuse led to years and years of hardcore drug and alcohol abuse. One can only speculate what this kind of chemical abuse does to a person’s mental state-combined with the abuse; it seemed to lead to a lifetime of depression. Child abuse of this nature should be a death penalty type of crime-carried out immediately.

Chester had a gift though. He had a musical gift that is both rare and beautiful-the kind of gift that does not come around that often. He could sing. He could sing like an angel, he could scream like a demon, and he could convey all the emotional pain inside him into something that went beyond him; above him and through him. He could touch his soul to yours through the one true gift that this universe has given us-music.

Chester made seven studio albums with Linkin Park-starting out with the 2000 release of “Hybrid Theory”-a mix of rock, rap, and metal. An incredibly successful album-it has been certified diamond by the RIAA-selling over 10 million copies. Other successful albums followed, all chart toppers, all selling millions. All told Linkin Park has sold 75 million albums world-wide. It is an incredible number of albums. Their last studio album “One More Light”-just released-was no exception with the song “Heavy” going number 2 on the charts. They are also winners of two grammy awards. The success is incredible.

Chester also had some side projects-most notably fronting another of my favorite bands-Stone Temple Pilots for a couple of years. He also did the side project Dead by Sunrise and supergroup Kings of Chaos. He was a talented guy and by all accounts one of the nicest people you could meet.

At one point in my life-I had nothing-nothing but three albums-“The Joshua Tree” by U2; “Purple” By Stone Temple Pilots, and “Minutes To Midnight” By Linkin Park. These albums got me through some hard times-that is the power of music. When I had nothing there was the music-to listen to, to sing along with, and to feel something at a time when I could feel almost nothing.

If I have one belief it is this: when we die-whatever it is inside that makes our soul-passes on and becomes one with the universe. Where all things blend into one and the light never goes out. I know Chester is out there-out there in the universe-one more light that fills the dark void of existence. The existence he helped make more bearable while he was alive. He will be missed.

All suicides are tragic-life is so fragile, so fragile that as far as we know not as a species-we are it in the whole universe. We are the only life out there-it is so fragile. Don’t throw it away-don’t kill yourself-tomorrow can be a better day-believe me.

I leave you with some words-some words that I have posted a few places-words that are not mine-but are beautiful as was Chester: Rest in peace now.


Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true, we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them – we can love completely without complete understanding.