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HEADLINE NEWS-07/21/2017

Chester Bennington, Voice Of An Angel Dead At 41

POS Sub-Humans Film Man Drowning-Do Not Help And Do Not Even Call 911-Execute Them

TN Offers Less Jail Time If You Get A Vasectomy-I Think It Is A Good Idea

POS California Judge Continues To Help Lead Country To Civil War Over Immigration-What Does It Take To Impeach These Guys

Trump Completely Frustrated Over Stupid Russian Thing Is Critical Of Sessions-Fake News Media Goes Batshit Crazy

Johnny Depp Is Really Bad With His Money-Who The F Lets Someone Else Handle Their Money

Snopes Says Can’t Prove Hillary Sided With Russia After Bill Got $500K-No Shit Snopes-If We Could Prove It Conclusively She Would Go To Jail For Bribery

Corning Creates A 1000 New Jobs

Bill Kristol Is A Fraud, A Flim-Flam Man, And Is 100% Never To Be Trusted On Any Issue Ever

Suspect In 4 Murders Had 40 Run-Ins With Law Enforcement-Just What Does It Take To Go To Jail In Philly?

Linkin Park Made Rap Metal

Douchebag Trump Bashing Again

Government Gangster Thugs Fine 5 YEARS OLD Girl For Selling Lemonade

Bieber Banned From China For Bad Behavior

Heroin Is Bad Shit-Don’t Do It EVER

Strong Quake New Greece-Turkey

Strangest Story Ever

NYT “Writer” Attacks White Women For Not Getting Out Of His Way

Israel And Pals Will Never Be At Peace

Civilization Is Crumbling

US To Ban Travel To NK-Why Would Anyone Want To Go There Is Beyond Me

FTC To Probe Amazon-This Is Just The Beginning If You Ask Me-It Got To Big

Elon-Snakeoil Salesman Going For Gold

Dark Net Take-Down

What Is With Chipotle? Is It The Veggies-Where Are They Coming From?

10 Yr Old Discovers Mother’s Body-Stepfather Sought

The Trump Bashing Is Unbelievable-The News Is Dead

The Trump Bashing Is Relentless-The News Is Dead

We Get It There Is A Solar Eclipse In August-Damn Already

West Nile Virus In Iowa-Iowa Is Near Egypt Right? 

Bitches Bitching About Expense Of Abortion Pill Because They Are Cheap Sluts Basically

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