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HEADLINE NEWS-07/20/2017

John McCain Has A Brain Tumor

Gruesome Whale Hunt-Not Sure What The Point Is

King Tut’s Wife Tomb-Possible Discovery

10 Yr Old Kid Trips Over Dinosaur Skull In New Mexico

Rare Roman Coin Found On Scottish Isle

Wild Hogs Get Really Big

VZ Violence Is Feared As Strike Begins

Weird Video Of What Looks Like Cop Planting Drugs At The Scene

Trump To End CIA Training (And Arming) Syrian Rebels

CNN The Fake News Leader Cannot Let Go Of Nothing Russian Story-Must Be Their Only Ratings Driver

Long Unknown Victim Of Gacy’s Identified

GOP Does Not Know What To Do Under McConnell

Aboriginals Older Than Thought

Risk Factors For Dementia

Dodge Demon Looks Pretty Bad Ass 840 HP

Game Of Thrones Directors To Make Preposterous And Pointless New Series

Genes Could Play Role In Dog’s Friendly Behavior Toward Humans

Why Is India And China Tensions Escalating

Invite Only As Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Meets-This Needs To Happen

Trump Bashing Is Getting So Old

More Trump Bashing By Bezos’s Blog-Hey Bezos Write A Damn Blog Post Yourself For Once

Saudi Prince Arrested After Showing Abuse

Key Moments In OJ’s Life-How About Ron And Nicole Key Moments Video For Once

Piece Of Crap Cop’s Lawyer Is Going With “It Was Reasonable To Think They Were Being Ambushed” After MN Cop Shoots Completely Harmless Australian Woman-What A Tool

FEDS Issued $171 Million Dollars To People With More Than One SS #

McDonald’s Employee Refuses To Serve Cop-Stupid Thing To Do

Woman’s Parrot Was The Witness To Her Killing Her Husband

Louisiana Man Arrested For Speeding After Wife Goes Into Labor

Mayor Candidate Tells Opponents Supporters To Go Back To Africa

Another Month Of Strong Job Growth

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