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What the hell is going on in America? I know it has been bad before-but things are getting out-of-hand. Day after day when doing the headline news I am seeing crazier and crazier stories of depravity.

Here is an example:

Couple beats restaurant owner, her teen daughter over fast food order


Here a man and a woman beat a restaurant owner and her daughter because they said the chicken was cold and the fries were not enough!

Here is the happy couple here:

Here are the people they beat:

Police Chief: “I have never seen anything like this.”

By the way these people identified by police as Nathaniel Eric and Latasha Smith are still on the loose.

How about this:

Kidnapped teen forced to be sex slave in exchange for food: cops

This crazed maniac kept a teen girl hostage for a YEAR! As a sex slave. Lured her away from her home after meeting her online, kidnapped her, and then held her for a year.

Here he is:

Looks like a real charmer. What a freak.

How about this story:

Suspects accused of raping woman to teach her a ‘lesson about dating black men’: cops

It ain’t nuffin but a G-thing baby!

These two (who are still on the loose) did the deed:

How about this one:

California police find toddler dead in backseat of SUV, couple detained

Or this:

US woman shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt

Or this:

Watch: Man yells ‘Freedom!’ as he drives vehicle into Ten Commandments statue at Arkansas Capitol

And these are all just from TODAY!

I could go on and on-and I will be posting this series from time. But what the hell is going on? Why have people become so crazy? The guy whose girlfriend shot him was trying to get Youtube fame-I get that-but don’t you think this is too much and he did not think this through-now he is dead.

I know that there has always been crime in America and they say crime is going down: here

(Not totally sure about the honestly of old there-I did not research it all myself-and I am somewhat convinced that they have not been reporting everything during Obama’s Reign of Error see: here)

Maybe there are too many people not working, too many people on prescription drugs, and way too much wanting to be famous. Not to mention websites like: worldstarhiphop and liveleak

The depravity knows no bounds.

OK enough of the soapbox. From now on I will just show the stories. Still WTF?

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