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HEADLINE NEWS-06/29/2017

LA Times Uses Sob Story About Refugees-Why Don’t You Take Them In Then?

Russia Disses New UK Ship

Military Option Being Prepared For NK-Could Be Time

House LOONS Now Trying To Get At Bodyguard Of Trump Over Russian Nothing Burger

Owning A Gun Is An Essential Part Of Freedom

Bad Cholera Outbreak In Middle East

Why Are Hindus Such Lunatics When It Comes To Cows-They Need To Be Taken Out As Well

Oxymoronic “Statue” Placed In Front Of Trump Tower-The Left Will Never Get It And Will Continue To Lose

Dems To Keep On Losing-I Love It

Stock Futures Mixed

Angela Merkel Is One Of The Worst Human Beings To Ever Exist

FBI Agent Charged With Lying About Finicum Shooting-Why Did They Do That?

House To Vote On Kate’s Law-They Better Pass That Damn Thing

Shkreli’s Lawyer Says His Client Is Just A Misunderstood Genius-Nice Try Buddy-Dude Is Going Down: My Prediction

Cyber-Attack Was About Data

Weird Game Of Thrones Photo Shoot-I Don’t Get It-I Like The Show And All…

Sea Pickles Everywhere

Skull Cult At Oldest Temple

This Is What Single Payer Health Care Will Bring-Judges Deciding Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Gets Treatments Etc.

People Can Live A Long Time

I Sense A Government Shakedown Coming For Roundup

Chris Paul Going To The Rockets

GOT Actress Says Being A Woman In Hollywood Is Like Dealing With Racism? Another Complainer

Vatican Treasurer Facing Charges

Bezos’s Blog Cannot Get Over Obama

Trump To Meet With South Korean PM

DHS Officials Have More Security Coming

Petty Ass “Watch Dog” Group CREW-Please STFU

Nut Case Woman To Get 103 Years For Killing Her Own Children

Pregnant Woman Chases Down Purse Snatcher And Runs Him Over-She Is Charged As Well????!!!


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