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HEADLINE NEWS-06/28/2017

Bezo’s Blog Is So Bitter-So Bitter

VZ Supreme’s Attacked By Helicopter-VZ Is In Turmoil-I Know They Should Become Communists That Will Fix It

Weird Reporter Guy Verbally Attacking Deputy Press Secretary-Should Have Credentials Pulled

Petty BBC On Trump Putting His Face On A Time Magazine Cover In His Golf Courses-That Makes Up For All Of Their Constants LIES

Huge Cyber-Attack Gets A Cure

China Launches New Warship

US Admiral-ISIS Going To Asia

Palin Rightly Sues New York Slimes Over Slanderous Gifford Claims

Border Wall Models Due This Summer-It’s About Time

Ten Commandments Monument In Ark. Capitol-ACLU (AKA Church Of Satan) Goes Bananas

Insane America-Woman Having Sex With Young Boys

Woman Dies After Being Set On Fire By Ex-Boyfriend-What An A-Hole He Is

Insane America-Black Couple Beats Fast Food Restaurant Owner And Daughter Over Cold Chicken And Small Amount Of Fries

Trump Compliments Irish Reporter-Bezo’s Blog Does’nt Like It

Why In The Hell Is An Appetite Suppressant A Banned Substance For Jockeys-They Need To Be Light Weight

Actor Michael Nyqvist Dead At 56-Played Cobalt In Mission Impossible Movie

Insane Left-Libtards Go Crazy Because Trump Compliments An Irish Reporter’s Smile

Insane Left-Cannot Handle An Abstinence Message-Must Force Sex On The Young For Their Agenda To Keep Working

111???!!! Terminally Ill Lives Ended After New California Euthanize Law

“Big Bang Theory” Actor’s House Burns Down-Not Cool

Jay-Z And Beyonce Renting A $400k Per Month Compound-Begs Question: Why In The Hell Do You Need To Do That?

Two Workers Killed On Tracks By Train

Tragic Two Year Old Twins Both Drown In Pool-Something Does Not Feel Right Here

Buffett Angling For Large Share Of BofA

Former Yahoo CEO Defends Uber Guy

NASDAQ Futures Down Second Day In A Row

Harrier Bird In England About To Be Extinct-Get It Together England-Too Busy With Immigrant Problems-Not Even Native Birds Get Help

Mega Satellite Construction Begins

Paddington Bear Creator Dies

UPS Freezing Pension Plans For Non-Union Workers-Pension Plans Just Kill Everything I Guess


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